About company

main1Interros Ltd. was established in 1997 in Minsk, Belarus.

The company’s main profile is wholesale and retail trade of mineral and specialty fertilizers, seeds of many crops (grass mixtures, forage, green manure, rapeseed and maize) for the agricultural industry of Belarus.

The products offered by the company are produced in countries like The Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Norway, Chile, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, etc. We supply fertilizers to more than 70% of the greenhouse centres and always look for new and innovative ideas for the private agricultural sector of the republic.

main2We have years of practical experience in registratring imported products and provide support to our international partners, while hosting seminars for the agricultural specialists, presenting new products and sharing practical recommendations.

Interros Ltd., together with its longstanding partners, is the regional leader in the market of fertilizers and seeds. If you are interested in supplying your products to Belarus, please contact us directly.

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