About company

main1ООО Interros was established in 1997.

The main profile is wholesaling and retailing of traditional mineral and specialty fertilizers, seeds of many crops (grass mixtures’ ones, flower and vegetable ones in large-size and customer-size packages) and joint products for the agro-industrial complex and personal subsidiary plots.

The Production offered by the company is produced in such countries as The Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Poland, Chile, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia and others. OOO Interros together with its long standing partners from the different countries of the world is a regional leading force in the fertilizer usage high-tech with superior brands produced by global leaders.

In 2002 Sales Department was formed under the guidance of Mr. Likhtarovich Siarhei. This business subdivision cooperates with stores, individual entrepreneurs, private establishments, small-scale and large-scale distribution centers, housing and municipal services and different enterprises of The Republic of Belarus. The department offers wide range of fertilizers in consumer packages, great choice of nutrient soils, crop protecting agents, growth and development of plants biostimulants, biochemical agents as well as pest control chemicals, agricultural and building implement etc.

main2In 2010 Marketing and Innovative activities Department was formed under the guidance of ecology, mycology, phytopathology, agrochemistry and crop protection specialist, Cand. Sc. {Biology} Mr. Niamkovich Andrei. The specialists of this business subdivision promote different kinds of first-rate fertilizers on the market of Belarus for open ground which are used for different fields of application. Annually republican economical effectiveness of fertilizers and their application in tank mixtures with crop protecting agents seminars are held by department’s specialists on basic field agricultural crops (spiked cereals, technical, fruit and baccate crops etc.) with participation of scientists and specialists of agroindustrial complex of the country

Necessary certificates confirm perfect quality of all production, its use recommendations are attached and it’s colourfully and originally designed.

The Company works on advance orders which are received by fax and e-mail. In case of need, depending on order volumes, we deliver the production to any region of the country efficiently.

We sincerely hope that our website will help you to communicate fully and closely with us.

Here you can always receive comprehensive information about our production and goods as also project specialties and write a letter to our address. You can get fuller points of interest information contacting our specialists and managers by fixed phones, mobiles and e-mail which indicated in the website.

OOO Interros is waiting for interesting advice, surprise decisions and helpful orchard and vegetable garden management recommendations. We’ll be glad to get photos of heavy yield, interesting setting of Alpine rock garden, flower bed and your holiday home.

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